1. Entertainment Business Contracts

There are many varieties of entertainment and just as many varieties of entertainment contracts. In this project you will explore various examples of them and consider the individual clauses within them.
What You’ll Need
• The sample contracts below. 
Browse through the sample contracts and choose one of them to discuss. 

Sample.DirectorAgreement.doc62 KB
Sample.360AgreementShortFormAgreement.docx28 KB
Sample.ComposerAgreement.doc60 KB
Sample.WriterServicesAgreement.doc50 KB
Sample.LiteraryOptionPurchaseAgreement.doc63 KB

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1. Entertainment Business Contracts
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In a Word document, explain the following about your chosen contract:

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the contract (at least 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses). Be sure to choose clauses as your strengths and weaknesses, such as: Engagement or Term.
Explain why each is a strength or weakness from the point of view of either party you choose (at least a short paragraph for each). 
Which clauses would you change? Put them in order of priority.
Explain why and how you would change each one.


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