1. Feedback 100 word min

Since starting my college journey at Bethel University, I have been amazed at all the resources available to every student. Resources that are accurate, relevant and at an appropriate educational level are more likely to be used, as are resources that are linked inextricably with assessment (Calverley, 2004). Each time an assignment presents itself I am confident knowing I have the resources that Bethel provides for me as a student. I have attended a different college in my past, and I can say with confidence that it cannot even begin to compare to Bethel and the resources that are provided.  
Bethel University sets each student up for success with the communication and the online library that is provided. Although there is the potential for technology to enhance learning, it is dependent upon students not only accessing these resources but also making appropriate use of them (Taffs & Holt, 2013). Every time I receive an assignment, I first begin researching different articles on the Bethel online library tool that is provided to help me relate to the assignment.  
The online library with scholarly sources provided by Bethel University is the tool I have found to be most resourceful to me. Future professionals will require self-directed learning skills, an ability that e-learning is an ideal tool to develop (Brown, 2008).  E-learning is a tool provided by Bethel that ultimately sets each student up for success and I foresee this tool being added to other universities in the future.  
Brown, C. A., Dickson, R., Humphreys, A.-L., McQuillan, V., SL Smears, E. (2008). Promoting academic writing/referencing skills: Outcome of an undergraduate e-learning pilot project. British Journal of Educational Technology, 39, 140-156. 
Calverley, G. (2004). Online education, learning management systems, global e-learning in a Scandinavian perspective. Educational Technology and Society, 7, 141-144. Retrieved from http://www.ifets.info/ 
Taffs, K. H., & Holt, J. I. (2013). Investigating student use and value of e-learning resources to develop academic writing within the discipline of environmental science. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37(4), 500–514. https://doi-org.bethelu.idm.oclc.org/10.1080/03098265.2013.801012 

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1. Feedback 100 word min
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