10-15power point united states criminal justice

You work in a probation office in your city. Your supervisor approaches you to work on a project to explain the system of probation to new probationers. 

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation explaining the processes that the probationer will go through from the beginning of the probation sentence to the end of the probation. 
This presentation should also explain the necessity of each step from the viewpoint of a probation officer and should cover the following topics:

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10-15power point united states criminal justice
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The use of probation and the typical types of crimes that result in a sentence of probation
The use of the presentence investigation report (PSIR) in probation
Appointments with a probationer—from the first meeting to the last meeting
The use of treatment and counseling during probation
The way infractions of the probationer are handled
The purpose probation hopes to accomplish through the program

Use generic terms in your presentation because each probationer is handled as per his or her situation and crime. The presentation would be made to a new probationer and to any family members during the first meeting. Emphasize what the probationer needs to do to ensure that probation is completed successfully with regard to the above topics.

For more information on the probation process, read the following:



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