2 page article summary

The article should describe specifically an experimental manipulation by the researchers. Appropriate topics for the social article review would focus on the behavior of individuals, causes of social behavior, social diversity, social cognition, cultural differences, attitudes, social perception, social identity, stereotyping, prejudice, relationships, emotions and aggression.  Prepare a 2-4 page (not including the cover page and reference page)summary of the article in your own words including:
-Specifics regarding the overall purpose of the research in question
-A clear statement of the researcher’s hypothesis
-Details regarding the study methodology
-Pertinent results of the manipulation
-Your personal opinion of the work

Should it be repeated/ how can it be improved?
What was your overall impression of the work?
What are the implications of the study (How can the results of this study benefit the field of psychology)?

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2 page article summary
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Be sure to cite the article source frequently throughout your paper and appropriately at the end of your review. Papers should be have a cover page, be typedin 12-point font, double-spaced, and formatted according to APA Style. 
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Please use subheadings such as Hypothesis, Methodology, Results, and Personal Opinion to make your paper easy to follow and to ensure that you include all of the required information. 

Here is a link to the paper I would like reviewed :



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