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This lesson we also have a required reading, “The Role of Children in the Design of New Technology” by Druin (found in the Lecture Slides folder). 
It’s a really interesting article on having children participate in designing technology that targets children as users. It’s a bit long, but it is a quick read. 
Reaction Paper: Up to 2 points can be earned by writing a reaction paper to the article “The Role of Children in the Design of New Technology” by Druin . The reaction paper should be 2 pages, and must include a summary of the article a long with your reaction to or critique of (positive and negative) the article.

IMPORTANT: Your critique cannot merely be ‘I agree with the authors’. Your critique must include at least one short coming of the article to receive credit (of course, it cannot be a short coming mentioned in the article itself; it must be a short coming that you have found). You either agree or disagree with the author, and you must present an argument and provide supporting statements that reflect your knowledge. 

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