2. Response feedback 100 word min

When first starting school, I was nervous, even thinking about enrolling somewhat freaked me out. Learning online is a different kind of learning compared to going to class. Not knowing what resources online school had to offer, I got accepted and went through the orientation and had more anxiety than before. Now knowing how to utilize all the resources available to me has been less stressful. There have been numerous studies about online learning, and there have been many benefits to show for it. One significant advantage is that there is more involvement from students with online discussions than in class discussions because they are graded on their participation and engagement. “Students stated that they were significantly more likely to participate in the online discussions: Two-thirds (67.7%) reported high participation, compared with one-third (32.9%) of small-group discussants and about one-quarter (23.9%) in the full-class environment” (Hamann, Pollock,& Wilson, 2012, p. 69).
     The most significant resource that has been beneficial to me has been the Grammarly plugin app. This app has given me a better understanding of how and when to use the correct punctuation, grammar, and many other benefits.  I purchased the pro version of Grammarly, and it has been the best investment in my college career thus far. The online library has been another asset to me, merely having a vast number of articles at the click of a button is a satisfaction to me. Several researchers suggest organizing library services into web pages or portals that target different audiences (Rennick, 2019, p. 16). The online library portal’s simplicity makes it easy for the not-so-tech-savvy student, such as myself.
     In conclusion, there are many resources available to help me other than the couple I mentioned above. I know with these resources the I have, and with a click of a button, I will have no problem accomplishing my college career goals. I will continue to use these to my benefit, and I know that I will come across more obstacles I will learn and utilize. I find doing everything online has been more of a breeze than actually going to class and sitting in a group setting.
Hamann, K., Pollock, P., & Wilson, B. (2012). Assessing Student Perceptions of the Benefits of Discussions in Small-Group, Large-Class, and Online Learning Contexts. College      Teaching, 60(2), 65–75. https://doi-org.bethelu.idm.oclc.org/10.1080/87567555.2011.633407
Rennick, B. (2019). Library Services Navigation: Improving the Online User Experience. Information Technology & Libraries, 38(1), 14–26.      https://doi- org.bethelu.idm.oclc.org/10.6017/ital.v38i1.10844

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2. Response feedback 100 word min
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