3-4 page department of correction

The Effect of Sentencing Laws on Corrections
You are an intern at the Department of Justice (DOJ) and have been assigned to the Office of Justice Programs. 
Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a discussion brief on the effects of sentencing laws on corrections in the last ten years. The head of the Office of Justice Programs Department will use the brief during an upcoming conference.
, research the effects of the 1990s sentencing laws on corrections in the last ten years. In your 3- to 4-page brief:

Identify the trends in prison incarceration rates since 1990. Cite reliable data to support your conclusions.
Discuss the impact that sentencing laws had on the prison population. In your response, consider mandatory minimum laws and habitual offender laws.
Discuss whether “truth-in-sentencing” laws are effective.
Suggest improvements or changes that can be made in individual prisons to respond to the challenges being faced by prison administrators.

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3-4 page department of correction
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