3–4 page IT review

3–4 pages review other works done by a third party that are relevant and directly relate to Raising Domain Functional Level within Active Directory, migrating Active Directory from Windows Server 2008 to Server 2012, migrating from a physical Domain Controller to a virtualized Domain Controller. Review at least four other works completed on the chosen topic. Summarize interviews, white papers, research studies, or other types of work by industry professionals. For example, if planning a server upgrade project, summarize articles that describe successful upgrade server solutions in other companies, comparisons of various server hardware and software products that are possible solutions, and any case studies that relate or are similar to the planned server upgrade

 The submission must  be formatted according to most APA style in the report.  include in-text citations for sources that are properly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized and a reference list that accurately identifies the author, date, title, and source location as available. 

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3–4 page IT review
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