3 assignments due July 3 9pm

Each assignment must have 200- 350 words, please use apa format and reference as needed 

Text Book: Operation & Supply Chain Management
Link of the required book is attached 

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3 assignments due July 3 9pm
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                                        Learning Objective 6: 
Students know both the SQC and non-SQC approaches to the management of quality

Expectations:  Students can develop an SQC chart and use it to evaluate the quality  performance of an ongoing production process. The student can also  describe how to use QFD, VA, vendor analysis and Value Engineering in  the managing of quality.
1-  What is the purpose of a Statistical Quality Chart (SQC) and how is it  used to evaluate the quality performance of an ongoing production  process.
2- Describe how to use Quality Functional Deployment (QFD) and Value Analysis (VA).
Note: A discussion of SQC techniques are provided in Chapter 13.  QFD and VA concepts are described in pages 50-51 in textbook.

                                             Learning objective 7:  
Students understand the major determinants of the facility location decision an will know how to use factor rating models to assist in the decision

Expectations:  Students can discuss the facility location decision process to include  the major variables. The student will, given the necessary information,  also be able to use factor rating to assist in the location decision.

Task:  Discuss the facility location decision process to include the major  variables. Explain how factor rating can be used to identify the top  location options. Identify any possible problems with using factor  rating. See Chapter 15, pages 381-390 in textbook.

                                         Learning objective 8:
Students will understand the general process of production planning to  include aggregate planning and plant scheduling 

Expectations:  Students can describe the production planning process from the initial  sales estimate to the plant floor. Student can also apply Johnson’s rule  in scheduling the n-job on two machines problem.

Task:  Explain the production planning process from the initial sales estimate  to the plant floor. Describe the importance of Johnson’s rule in  scheduling multiple machines.


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