Name of business –PROVIDED

SECTION 3- MISSION STATEMENT- YES! -Clearly worded- this will allow for you to have direction as you plan further. What you have provides the purpose of the organization and identify key values.

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4. Industry Profile and Overview
You have clearly identified  trends, environmental factors, barriers to entry, and keys to success. Continue to add to this as you work through the rest of the plan.

5. Competitor Analysis
The key competitors have been identified and described including specific considerations about what will make your company different.

6. Business Strategy
The type of company and a general overview of the business model has been provided and is supported.

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Marketing Strategy
Target market has been identified and described, including a clear description of what the characteristics of the customer is and where they are located. Research of who your business will serve is evident. How you will reach your customers is supported.

Pricing strategy
The pricing strategy and objectives, as it pertains to the product life cycle is described and supported

Presentation- directions have been removed  and this part of the plan has been compiled in a professional manner.  
Location described in detail, including address, city, state, major intersections. The location is supported with details from the business around how it be used to create competitive advantage and how the business will benefit from location.  The distribution the business will used is detailed and supports the direction of the business.

 Appendices include supportive and relevant information which provide further detail of how you are envisioning the business, including organization charts and appropriate financial documents.

Overall format- directions removed, paper is formatted properly


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