7 PowerPoint Slides – APA – 3 Scholarly References With Speak Notes On Each Slide.

Recruiting Strategies

You are an employee of iFly Airways, a small regional feeder line for a national carrier. Your CEO has just stated iFly Airways is merging with iDrive Cars, which is in competition with Uber and Lyft, to provide a complete transportation package. You have been asked to develop a two to three-minute elevator speech (a quick synopsis of a subject, which can be delivered in 2 to 3 minutes) about your recruiting strategies to fill current vacant positions. In this speech, you will propose how the organization can cross train staff to control cost and improve employee engagement.

The speech will include:

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7 PowerPoint Slides – APA – 3 Scholarly References With Speak Notes On Each Slide.
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  1. An explanation of the benefits of cross training staff members (e.g., at iFly Airways and iDrive Cars).
  2. Benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing certain departmental needs.
  3. An overview of how you plan to use internal or external sources, including social media, or outsourced recruiting to address employee shortages.
  4. Any potential limitations of your plan.


  • The presentation PowerPoint should be 7 slides with speaker’s notes, not including title or reference slides.
  • A minimum of three scholarly sources should be cited and referenced. 
  • Your presentation must be properly cited and formatted according to APA.


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