8-10 pp slides organized crime

Changing Trends in Organized Crime
The Congressman for whom you work is considering pushing for a new President’s Commission on Organized Crime. He has asked you to prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation reviewing the 1967 and 1987 Commission Reports and what can be learned from them.

Compare the conclusions of the 1967 and the 1987 President’s Commissions on Organized Crime. Pay particular attention to the specific crimes that each Commission determined were the primary sources of income for American organized crime groups. The presentation should address these points:

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8-10 pp slides organized crime
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What role does money laundering play in organized crime? What implications does this have on law enforcement?

Comparing the two reports, what can you conclude about how the business of organized crime has changed over the years? What has caused these changes? (Law enforcement? Societal factors? Or something else?)

If there were to be a new Commission report compiled today, what would it say about today’s organized crime?

How has the ethnic makeup of American organized crime groups changed in recent years? Have certain groups dropped out of the picture? Have others taken their place?


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