Extra Credit Opportunity: American Factory movie and reflection paper (+2.5%)
You may earn an additional 2.5% on your overall course grade by watching the 2019 documentary film American Factory (available on Netflix), and by writing a response to the questions posed below.  For this assignment, you must:

Watch the entire movie American Factory (Directed by Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar).  Provide proof that you acquired and watched the movie by providing me with a screen shot or photo of the movie at 30:00 minutes into the film, and at 1:30:00 into the film.
Submit, using Turnitin / Blackboard, a 500-word (APA) paper responding to these prompts:

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In your own words, how would you describe the culture of the US-born workers employed to work in the Fuyao factory?
How would you describe the culture of the Chinese-born workers and management who were brought to Ohio by the new owners to work in – and manage – the Fuyao factory?
What are some of the issues that ensued as these two constituencies worked side-by-side in the new Dayton, OH factory?
Consider at least one additional OB concept from this course, and discuss how it relates to the situation in this movie.
What did you learn about organizations from watching this film?


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