Abortion, Eugenics, Contraception

 READ ALL readings I have provided.

I will post all required readings. Do not quote or refer to outside resources. Use ONLY the readings I have provided as reference or quotes.

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Abortion, Eugenics, Contraception
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What is important to include are parenthetical references to page numbers when you’re citing or responding a specific point. This way, our colleagues can easily find and read an intriguing reference that they hadn’t noticed. (include page number ) For example: 
I was stunned to learn that the first woman to run for U.S. president was Victoria Woodhull, in 1872. She was a self-proclaimed “Free Lover” and claimed the right to love anyone for any length of time without being regulated by a father, husband, or any law (Bronski, pg 81-81). 
I ask that you focus your answers on one of the three topics and related reading I’ve provided. I hope this will allow you to engage more deeply with events and ideas which are important to you.

Please label your answer indicating whether your thoughts respond to the ABORTION, CONTRACEPTION, or EUGENICS readings provided–and make sure you fully explain your thinking and have checked your work for accuracy, clarity, readability. Thank you!   
Please label each response (a, b, c, d) and provide a separate paragraph of 3-7 sentences for each part.

I have chosen Contraception as the topic you will write about. 


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