Acting Essay.

 For this week’s discussion, I would like you to choose an actor that you particularly admire. Tell us why you enjoy watching that actor’s work, but please be specific in discussing their use of the tools of the actor (body, voice, and mind). Does this actor use their body expressively, and change the way the body is used to help illuminate the different characters they have played? Does this actor have command of his or her voice, creating a voice for a character that is unique FOR that character? And finally, does this actor seem to use his/her analytical and imaginative skills to create a unique a fleshed out character in each project? Please support your assertions with specific examples of “tool use” from your chosen actor in film, TV, or on stage. Feel free to discuss any special skills that this actor has demonstrated in his/her roles (that film where he had to fight effectively, that role where she had a perfect Russian accent, etc.) In this forum, it is really important that you discuss the way your actor uses there tools to create the roles you enjoy. Don’t just say that you enjoy their performances, really BE SPECIFIC about how they create the roles that you like 

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