Action Research

The action research will be based on the off-task behavior of two 3rd grade students. In the attachments, you can find a template that must be used to follow each step of your intervention. The literature review, the methodology is present in the attachments should only include it in your work (it is already finished), that will be the one presented. The data to be used in the intervention can be found all in the data sheets and questionnaires in the attachments.

In the review literature, you will find several references that serve as support to the work,
complete: In the methodological part you should only include the critical questions, keep in mind that one of them is already present in the work, 
In the methods used, include the observation and describe it as required in the work.

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Action Research
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pages( abstract 250 word, Introduction 1.5 page, aspects to complete the critical question methodology 1 page, Intervention no more than 4 pages, Discussion/findings  3 pages, Furter reflection-conclusion 1.5 pages, Conclussion 1 page, references 1 page) 


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