advanced practice nurse practitioner Employment Contract Critique

review and analyze Family Nurse Practitioner employment contract according to the outline criteria:

Scope of services to be performed and population (pediatrics, geriatrics, family, etc.)

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advanced practice nurse practitioner Employment Contract Critique
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Travel compensation
On call time

Duration of employment
How the agreement can be altered or updated
Responsibility for maintaining and paying for credentials

Time off and expenses for continuing education
Vacation time
Paid conferences or CME

Restriction on competition
Reasons for termination
Extent of support service to be offered to the NP
Expectations regarding the number of patients seen per day
Expectations regarding non-clinical work to be done by NP
Release to the NP of the NPs quality performance as measured by health plan auditors

This should be an APA formatted paper, and the above items should be listed as section headings where the student will give a brief critique under each section of the contract. As with any scholarly paper, there should be an introduction and conclusion. There should be evidence of analysis (not simply reporting the facts about the contract) by means of comparing some items (i.e. salary) to national or regional norms. Some of the sections may be combined. If the contract is missing a section, note this in the critique. Include the sample contract in the Appendix.

Contract attached 


Length: Approximately 1000-1500 words;  6-7 pages, double-spaced, not counting the Appendices
Style Format: APA format with title page and references

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