Analysis of a questionnaire

I am conducting a research study on Education in Medical Surgical Technology. I need YOUR help. Your participation will involve completing a web-based questionnaire available with any computer. 
As a participant You will log on to the SurveyMonkey to review and accept the terms of the informed consent form to be able to continue. As a participant, you may decide to withdraw prior to, during, or after completing the questionnaire. The time commitment for completing the Questionnaire is between 20 to 30 minutes.
The purpose of this research study is to obtain information about the experiences of surgical personnel who learn new, advanced, medical-surgical technology through in-services to acquire the acquired level of skill competency. Participants in the proposed study must meet the following criteria: 
(a) to qualify, you will have experience working in surgery center, (b) will have attended in-services and on-the-job trainings on new technologies within the last two to three years.
The researcher will attempt to ensure that you have had experience with in-person/team-based training as well as technologically mediated training. In that way you can speak meaningfully about the advantages and disadvantages of either an in-services or on-the-job trainings.
Anyone who is under 18 years of age, or does not fit these criteria does not qualify. 
If you, by any chance, know of anyone who may be qualified, please pass this on to them. Thank you.
Although there may be no direct benefit to you, a possible benefit from this study is that the study may shed light on the means of enhancing knowledge and skill acquisition regarding the use of the modern technology. Participants may gain insight to the most effective training approach in operating room which may improve performance of surgical staff resulting in benefits to surgical patients as success rates in surgical procedures increase because of an effective training approach.
I need at least 15 volunteers for my study whose names will remain anonymous. 
Here’s the link to the questionnaire on SurveyMonkey website: 
I want a tutor who can help in the administration of this survey and analyse the data obtained from the questionnaire to be used in my final dissertation

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Analysis of a questionnaire
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