Annotated Bibliography 2

Create an annotated bibliography for four journal articles.
Choose two of the articles listed in the Wk 6 University Library Readings. Then do some research into an aspect of Human Resource Management that you find interesting and find two articles from this area to include in your annotated bibliography.


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Annotated Bibliography 2
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Clifford, J. P. (1996). Manage work better to better manage human resources: A comparative study of two approaches to job.. Public Personnel Management, 25(1), 89.
Haque, A., Fernando, M., & Caputi, P. (2019). The relationship between responsible leadership and organisational commitment and the mediating effect of employee turnover intentions. Journal of Business Ethics, 156(3), 759–774.
 Martínez, G. E., Sorribes, J., & Celma, D. (2018). Sustainable development through CSR in human resource management practices: The effects of the economic crisis on …Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental Management, 25(4), 441-456. 


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