Annotated Bibliography


You are a seasoned mentor teacher and your principal has asked all the advanced teachers in the school to use their knowledge and experience to design a professional development for the novice teachers (teaching 1-3 years).

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Annotated Bibliography
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The principal believes that all good professional development should be…

Grounded in the scholarly literature (peer-reviewed journal articles)
Professional resources (web-based).

1. An annotated bibliography (SIX (6) scholarly-peer-reviewed articles within the last FIVE (5) years
2. A list of SIX (6) professional (web-based) resources that support your SPECIFIC TOPIC.
3. APA format.

The topic will be attached below.

Determine what age BIRTH –age 12.
Determine what subject domain you will apply your teacher professional development toward (e.g., literacy, math, science)
Now, conduct the literature search for peer reviewed journal articles (you need 6). They should all be very closely aligned to the topic, the age, and the subject domain. They should all be within the last 5 years, so nothing older than 2015.


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