answer questions

Review the discussion on social research in chapter one and answer the following questions:
1. Compare and contrast the ethnographic, survey and experimental research methods. (Length: at least 350 words. Points: 20)
2. If you are asked to prove the causal relationship (i.e. cause and effect) between two variables (i.e. between a certain medication and its effectiveness) in the highest degree of certainty, generally speaking, which is the BEST research method among the above three to be used? What are the rationales behind your selection? Why the other two methods are not as good or proficient for such purposes?  (Hints: Your response should not solely based on unsubstantiated personal opinion. There is a general census in the literature on the research method (among the above three) that is more proficient in determining causal relationship.) Length: At least 300 words. Max Points: 20
You are welcome and encouraged to use outside sources. Please use ASA (American Sociological Association) citation format to cite references.(

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answer questions
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