answer the following business ethics question

1- Answer the questions below. List your source(s) for all answers: ( In-text and in a reference list using the proper methodology) 
A) 1- Define sexual harassment. 
     2- What form of gestures or actions can be considered sexual harassment in the workplace? 
    3-Provide 2 examples to support your answer. 
B) 1-Define affirmative action. Explain how it can be applied in the workplace. 
    2-Provide one clear and detailed example. 
C) 1-Why do businesses have a role to play in addressing discrimination and inequalities in the workplace ( explain how it is related to business ethics)? 
    2-How can they address these issues? 
    3-Provide 2 examples from the recent news to support your answer. 

1000 words maximum

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answer the following business ethics question
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