Anyone can hwlp with this project??

Philosophy final project 

 Read a book, watch a movie, watch a YouTube or Ted Talk, listen to a  podcast that includes any Philosophy of Mind or Ethics topic:  Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Identity,  Mind/ Body  Problem, Robots, Conspiracy theories,  Trolley Problems, Ethical  Dilemmas, etc. Apply your knowledge of philosophy theories to the media.

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Anyone can hwlp with this project??
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*Explain a specific topic in any area of Philosophy of Mind or Ethics  that interests you: a movie, TV show, You Tube, book, podcast, or  article.
*Apply your knowledge of the philosophy topic to every day life (in this case, a movie you have seen or a TV show).
*Interact with classmates and share with others what the movie or  media source is about, to increase others’ awareness of some cool media  to watch.


1.In one paragraph, briefly explain some relevant aspects of one  media source from a book, movie, Ted Talk, etc. You must cite the media  source.

2. In a separate paragraph, explain a specific philosophy of mind  topic. E.g., explain the difference between the body vs. memory theory  of personal identity from the Stich.pdf ; explain Utilitarianism vs.  Deontology from the Rauhut.pdf, Gensler.pdf, etc.  Stay focused and only  explain ONE specific concept. You must cite definitions or concepts  from required readings.

3. The third paragraph should APPLY your knowledge of philosophy to  the media. Give an argument and support your position by using details  of the movie/ show. This is your own application, assessment, and  argument.
Save your work in a word processor file. Paste in the “Reply” box for discussion assignments.

Reply to two classmates’ posts by Monday, July 6.


Essays should be written as an Annotated Bibliography, an essay with  proper citation and bibliography. For examples of annotated  bibliographies, see Annotated Bibliography brief  (Keep in mind that these samples are using different philosophy texts  than you are using for this  summer class, so do not copy from these  examples. Use required readings to summarize philosophy theories).
Your essay may be added to a larger list of Annotated Bibliographies  ONLY if your essay has proper structure, sufficient explanation,  accurate summaries of philosophical theories, citation and bibliography.

* This assignment assess your knowledge of philosophical theories.  Make sure to explain sufficiently, as if you were teaching a friend the  philosophy theory. Avoid general statements.

*Write second drafts as if you were going to publish. Read your post out loud to catch awkward sentences and grammar mistakes.

*STRUCTURE: It is very important to keep your paragraphs separate, as  indicated in the instructions.  Explain before you apply. I.e. explain  the movie; then, explain a philosophy topic or theory we learned about  in class,  then APPLY these theories to the movie. See: Professional Writing Skills: Structure
*Never copy and paste from a website. Plagiarized assignments will  receive a 0. Use required resources to summarize philosophy theories.

Information on citation:

*ANY TIME YOU SUMMARIZE SOMEONE ELSE’S IDEAS YOU MUST CITE THE  SOURCE. When you explain a movie, you must cite the reference (otherwise  your reader won’t know where to look or what to watch).

*CITATIONS:  should be added to the body of your text. Cite the  producer and year, in the paragraph that explains a movie or television  show.  See the

A citation should look like this: (Authors last name, date, page  number). If it is from a movie it must look like this: (Producer, date).  You MUST cite and include bibliography!Assignments with no citations or  bibliography will not be graded.
*Include a bibliography, so that we can check it out as well. Use Purdue Owl for info on how to cite movies, websites, etc.: (Links to an external site.)

Producer, P. P. (Producer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of motion picture [Motion picture]. Country of origin: Studio or distributor.
*For information on a movie or tv source (i.e., producer, studio, etc.) search for your movie in:  (Links to an external site.)Do not cite IMBD in your essay.philosophical


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