Art Reading Response

  1. How do the authors distinguish between “seeing” and “looking”?
  2. Define representation. Can representation be defied or subverted?
  3. What is the “myth of photographic truth”? Define subjective choice and how it connects with the photograph as “evidence”? How has technology impacted the “truth-value” of the photograph?
  4. Discuss Roland Barthes’ two levels of meaning for an image. How does Barthes use and connect the term “myth” to the image?
  5. Describe ideology and its connections to the image. Define propaganda. How does propaganda connect to ideology?
  6. How does the portrait image of O.J. Simpson figure into the discussion of Ideology and cultural power?
  7. What does Saussure argue in his theory of Semiotics? How has his theories been used in visual theory and analysis?
  8. How is value conceived of and applied to art/visual imagery? What other kinds of values adhere to images in our culture? What is meant by icons? How does this connect to value? Can icons be subverted?


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