Assessment Intermediary final paper

My assigned company is  Wells Fargo & Co. … 
APA style

Each student will complete a report summarizing all the information they have gathered about the financial intermediary assigned.

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Assessment Intermediary final paper
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The report must be limited to 4 pages. The first three pages will describe your intermediary and the last page will summarize the news. Students are asked to use a 12-point font and to double-space their report (excluding bibliography page(s) and Appendices page(s)). You are also asked to use one-inch margins and the APA style of citation. You must cite all sources. Ensure that you have some scholarly sources (at least 2 recent scholarly sources published after 2010). The other sources of information could be your textbook, the internet, library, and statistical data etc. One of the goals of this report is to prepare you to find information and to prepare reports for the workplace.

include all the sections and information discussed in your discussion posts (e.g., mission statement, history, current news, organizational structure, CEO background and compensation, products/services, COVID-19 impact, competitors, and financial situation) . Make sure to include a paragraph outlining your company’s performance during COVID-19.  


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