Assig 4

Section II Assignment Chapter 4, 6-7 
(Use your own words, can be TYPED). 
Chapter 4: A Primer on Physical Therapy Assistant Education 
Read Pages 39-48
1) Summarize “PTA Education”(5pts)
2) Review Table 4-2;
What is accreditation & why is it important? (4pts)
a. Who is the accrediting body for Physical Therapy Education
b. Is the FNU PTA Program Accredited?
3) What is the Goal of PTA Education?(1pt) 
4) What are the principles of performance evaluation in PTA education? (5pts)
a. Why is competency-based education so important in this field?
b. How can “mastery” be obtained?
Meet Chester the “CCC” monster! 
Why can’t we do this without him?

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