Demonstrate how to incorporate the developmental theories of Erikson and Piaget into your care of children in two specific age groups. 
Overview of Assignment:
You will need to demonstrate communication and care techniques you would use based on the developmental level/stage (from Erikson and Piaget’s theories) of children from two different age groups.
You will create a short video that is 6-15 minutes long, connecting Erikson and Piaget’s developmental theories to two specific age groups: an 18-month-old and an 8-year-old. You should include how your nursing interactions would be different for each child. 
Review the theories using the resources provided in your book, on Canvas and at least one other scholarly resource.  You will need to determine what stages each child would be in for their age according to both theories.  Based on this knowledge you will demonstrate how you would communicate with them, how you would approach them to provide care, such as a bath, taking vital signs, and giving a shot while admitted to the hospital.  Your approach must be based on the development level each child would be at according to Erikson and Piaget’s theories.
You will create and record this demonstration.
Audience for video:  A “new” nurse orienting to pediatric care in a hospital.
You may use an actor demonstrating typical behavior of an 18 mo and 8 yo child.  If you use an actor, they must consent to be recorded on video.
If you do not have an actor, you may use an inanimate object being sure to express in some form how they may be responding to you.      
Information which must be included in the video:

Appropriate developmental levels from both theories for each age group
Questions or observations used to determine if they are in the correct stage
Therapeutic interaction demonstrating developmentally appropriate patient care

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Video Requirements:
The length of this video should be 6-15 minutes long and should include:


with a specific thesis statement (Introduce your topic in the video. Make the person viewing your video interested in your topic, make it catchy.)

Body of Video:

Demonstrate how BOTHPiaget’s and Erikson’s theories are important when providing care for each child and how it changes your approach to the child when providing care
Use scholarly sources to support your ideas and explanations of the theories
Use specific examples for communication, persuasion, restraint holds for both ages, how you would give a shot, convince the child to take a medication they do not want to take
Give specific examples of what you would say or do differently.

Demonstrate your “nursing” interaction with an 18-month-old, explain theory behind your actions, demonstrate your “nursing” interaction with an 8-year-old, explain theory behind your actions, compare and contrast the two age groups

Summarize your findings; re-emphasize the thesis/purpose of the video without simply repeating it; and do not introduce new ideas here
Use proper grammar throughout the video, use proper spelling, and APA 7th edition formatting including a title at the beginning of the video and reference page at the end of the video
If you are unable to figure out how to show your references in your video, you MUST upload a separate document in canvas with your references. You must use a research article as a reference for your video.


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