Assignment 6

Application: Narrative Self-Reflection Paper

Self-reflection is a valuable professional development tool to assess individual strengths, identify areas of challenge, and note best practices. “This requires awareness of one’s own values, cultural bias, philosophies, personality, and style in the effective use of the professional self” (Standard 20, Council for Standards in Human Service Education, 2010, p. 9).

For this Assignment you will reflect on your cumulative experience in the BSHS program.

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Assignment 6
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To Prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review all materials for this program.
  • Review all materials for this course, including your collection of portfolio materials from Weeks 1-4: philosophy statement, artifacts, and rationales.

The Assignment:

Submit  a 4-page narrative self-reflection about your learning in the Bachelor of Science in Human Services (BSHS) program. Look in the Learning Resources for the Self-Reflection Guide to assist you with this Assignment.

Council for Standards in Human Service Education. (2010). National standards: Baccalaureate degree in human services. Retrieved from


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