Assignment: Journal: Supervising Others

Take a minute and think about the supervisors you have had in the workplace. What were characteristics of effective supervisors? As you reflect on these experiences, consider how supervision affected your ability to complete the tasks associated with your job. Also, think about how leadership styles can influence the relationship between social workers and their supervisors.
For this Assignment, review the Petrakis case study in this week’s video and note how supervisory and leadership skills are portrayed.
Assignment (4–5 paragraphs)
Complete the following Journal entry:

Identify attributes of leadership styles and approaches that facilitate quality supervision.
Evaluate the supervisory and leadership skills demonstrated in the Petrakis case study by identifying which supervisory and leadership skills the supervisor demonstrated.
Explain whether the supervisor in the video demonstrated quality supervision, and why. Provide specific examples to support your evaluation.

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Assignment: Journal: Supervising Others
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Required Readings
Kadushin, G., Berger, C., Gilbert, C., & de St. Aubin, M. (2009). Models and methods in hospital social work supervision. Clinical Supervisor, 28(2), 180–199.
McTighe, J. (2011). Teaching the use of self through the process of clinical supervision. Clinical Social Work Journal, 39(3), 301–307.
National Association of Social Workers and Association of Social Work Boards. (2013). Best practice standards in social work supervision. Retrieved from
Petrakis Family Episode 4 Program Transcript CINDY: She was so upset with me. She told me I was too young to be doing this job– yelled at me.  FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, what set her off?  [MUSIC PLAYING]  CINDY: She found out her son’s been getting the refills on his grandmother’s oxy  prescription and taking the pills himself. He’s also been forging her name– withdrawing money from her bank accounts.  FEMALE SPEAKER: OK. I think we need to figure out how to help the client.  What’s her name again?  CINDY: Helen. She also said that he’s been taking valuable from his grandmother’s house. What a mess. I’m so sorry.  FEMALE SPEAKER: We need to call APS.  CINDY: Oh, we can’t. Helen already blames me for suggesting her son move in  with his grandma in the first place. This will just make it worse.  FEMALE SPEAKER: Take it easy, Cindy.  CINDY: This is all my fault. I thought it was a good plan, I really did.  FEMALE SPEAKER: Cindy. Look, I’m your field instructor, and here comes a  teachable moment, OK? Advising a client like you did was not a good idea. In fact, it was unethical. But you are not responsible for the actions that other people take. Helen made her own choice when she decided to go along with your suggestions. Do you understand? CINDY: Yes.  FEMALE SPEAKER: All right. Our job now is to figure out our next steps. Now,  will you do that with me? CINDY: Yeah, OK. FEMALE SPEAKER: OK


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