Basic Statistics

Week 03 Discussion (200 words).


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Basic Statistics
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Read: Kolifarhood, G., Aghaali,M., Saadati, H.M., Taherpour, N., Rahimi, S., Izadi, M., & Nazari, S.S.H. (2020, April). Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of COVID-19; a Narrative Review (PDF). Archives of Academic Emergency Medicine, 8(1): e41.
Use this article to apply some of the concepts about incidence and prevalence to COVID-19. Be sure to read the entire article (don’t just do a search) and discuss the following:

What do we know about the statistics around the mean incubation periods?
What about the median infectivity, pathogenicity and incubation periods?
What is the range of incubation?
What information would be helpful to know that is missing?

Week 04: Basic Statistics (Part II)

Week 04 Discussion (200 words).


Read: WHO. (2018). Monitoring Health for the SDGs Sustainable Development Goals Annex A. WHO: World Health Statistics.
Then summarize the morbidity and mortality information across countries in this article and compare the US from other American Countries and nationalities in any one of the following measures.

Maternal Mortality
Child Mortality
Hep B
Non-communicable disease
What surprised you (if anything)


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