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Please post your paper by midnight on Sunday of Unit 6 (central time). Thanks! For your convenience, I have posted the Grading Rubric for the Paper here for you.
Grading Rubric for the Paper

The Paper Topic is due in Unit 2. Please post it in class in the Unit 2: Paper Topic discussion. A list of approved topics will be provided there.  I will email you if I see a problem with your topic.
The Paper is due in Unit 6.  Specifically, the paper is due by midnight of the Sunday of Unit 6 in the Central Time Zone. Please submit the paper via an attachment in Rich Text Format or as a Word document.  Please check your paper for viruses before you send it.

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What am I looking for in a paper? I will grade based on content, organization, readability, and grammatical correctness.

Content includes your ideas as well as your research.
Organization includes external transitions (section to section) and internal transitions (paragraph to paragraph and sentence to sentence).
Readability means how well the paper flows. Avoid wordiness and the passive voice. Don’t start your sentences with “it is” or “there are.”
Grammatical correctness includes spelling and other grammar errors including subject-verb agreement.

Point Distribution: Your grade will be reported to you in the number of points you earned. To figure out your letter grade, take the number of points and divide it by 200. For example, 180 points divided by 200 = .9 which is an A.
Late policy:  If work is due at midnight, then 12:01 is late. Late work will receive no higher than a C for 1 day late, no higher than 50% for 2 days late, and a 0 for anything after 2 days.
Guidelines and Tips
·         After you write your paper, read each word out loud. You will find most of your errors.
·         Don’t forget Park’s writing lab as a resource.
·         Edit your finished draft at least twice (once for organization and once for grammar mistakes).
·         What is APA style? For writing tips and information on the APA style, try the Writing Resources category in the Webliography or
·         Wikipedia is not a reliable resource and cannot be quoted or used as a source in any Business Law papers. Why? Basically, anyone can add to wikipedia. That makes it unreliable. To get around this, you can go to sources cited by authors in wikipedia, check to see if the material cited is there, and cite the original source.
·         When and how do I turn in this paper? The paper is due by midnight of the Sunday of Unit 6 in the Central Time Zone. Submit your paper via an attachment in Rich Text Format or as a Word document. Please check your paper for viruses before you send it.  Note: Keep electronic file copies of all materials submitted until you receive your grade in this class.
·         Can the main body of the paper be longer than four pages?  Yes, it can be up to five pages, but it must be four full pages.
Special Attention Please:
·         Your paper must be original work—not work already submitted in another class.  Doing so will result in a grade of 0 for the paper. You have to do a new paper on a new topic in this class.
·         Do not plagiarize (copying or using the work of others without giving them credit). Use parenthetical references (APA style) within your paper to document all quotations, minor details (for example, statistics), and opinions that are not yours. However, do not document your own opinions. In the past, several students have copied their entire papers from the Internet. These students received a 0 on the assignment and were reported to the administration.
Any paper submitted without a reference section will receive a grade of zero.
Please visit the rubric under Assignments and Grading in the Course Information Module for more directions on the Research Paper.
Due Date
Submit the research paper by 11:59 pm., Sunday CT.


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