BSCOM/100T Week 4 Presentations

Assignment Content

This week you’ve learned about several different presentation tools and how they can affect an audience. Consider this situation: You’ve been asked to present your idea of adding a family pool to a country club to the club’s Board of Trustees. However, you don’t want to use a simple Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and would like to try out some new tools you’ve recently learned. 

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BSCOM/100T Week 4 Presentations
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Keep the following in mind about your audience when selecting a presentation tool:

There are nine members of the Board of Trustees 
The Board is multi-generational (but majority is middle-aged men) and multi-cultural
Two Board members have a hearing impairment
Three Board members will be calling-in to the meeting  
Choose two presentation tools: in one, create a short presentation (2 to 3 slides) about your thoughts of adding a family pool, and in the other, provide the same information. Then consider the following questions:

Besides content, how are the presentations similar?
What advantages does one presentation tool have over the other?
Which is your preference, and why?
Which tool would you recommend for others to use?
Instructor’s Note: Pay attention to each assignment point including word count.
Instructor’s Note: APA formatting includes a title page, reference page, abstract, and subheadings. If you do not know how to format each of these elements, see the links below. The Center for Writing Excellence is a very good resource.


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