You are the web master of a college website. You share a server with other school departments such as accounting and HR.
Based on this chapter, create at least five security-related rules for staff members who are adding web pages being added to your site. Include a justification and explanation for each rule. Rules should relate to college, staff and student, and system information security.
Write your answer using a WORD document. Do your own work and use your own words, NO PLAGIARISM. 


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OverviewThis week’s class covers Database SecurityPrinciples
This week’s topics:

SQL Injection
Setting Database Permissions
Stored Procedures
Review this week’s lab discussion

Required ReadingsRead Chapter 7 of the Sullivan text, Database Security Principles
Primary topics:

The Dangers of Detailed Errors
Validating Input
Single Account Security
SQL Injection in Stored Procedures
Insecure Direct Object References

Required VideoSQL Injection Tutorial
Click HERE to watch embedded video below.

Required VideosDo Stored Procedures Stop SQL Injection

Click HERE to watch or click embedded video below.


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