n preparation for Writing Assignment 2, read Leonard E. Read’s essay “I, Pencil.” This essay is posted on Canvas. Write your paper in two parts.

Part 1: Summarize in your own words at least three economic lessons that this story teaches.

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Part 2: Using four or more references from at least three different types of sources (e.g., book, magazine, web page, newspaper) construct a story of your own featuring a simple product or service that demonstrates all the lessons you wrote about in Part 1. As a suggestion, if you are a tennis or soccer player you might want to write about the ball or net used in your sport. If you are a collector write about an item you have collected, or if you enjoy playing board or table games write about an item used in the game (e.g., a deck of cards or a ping pong ball). Whatever product or service your select, write your paper in first person and describe your product or service in as much detail as Read did in his story.

Your paper will be graded on the content of your response, the clarity of your expression, and the accuracy of your grammar, spelling, punctuation, in-text citations and references. Use University of Chicago Style In-Text Citations, and at the end of your paper provide Chicago Style References that list all sources that you used. 


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