Analyze the CONNECTIONS, CONTRADICTIONS, and DIVERGENCIES between the “Visual Essay: SOCIAL AND POLITICAL EVENTS” and “Visual Essay: ARTS AND CULTURE” in Okwi Enwezor, Katy Siegel, and Ulrich Wilmes Eds. POSTWAR: ART BETWEEN THE PACIFIC AND THE ANTARTIC, 1945–1965 (Munich: Haus der Kunst\ and New York: Prestel, 2016). 82-95 and 102-115. Address at least three of the following questions: How do the social and political events of the post-war inform the art and vice versa? Are the essays reflective of a new global geopolitical order? Are women and people of colour represented equally to white men in the arts and culture visual essay? Do these essay tell us a canonical history or an alternative history? What would you add or change from the Visual essays or do differently? How would you describe the role of ‘text’ in many of the photographs in the visual essays? From a graphic point of view, do these visual essays communicate effectively? 

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