Business Communication Management


Max. Mark Mark Given

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Business Communication Management
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IDENTIFICATION OF APPROPRIATE TOPIC • Ability to identify appropriate examples of interpersonal

communication exchanges that help demonstrate understanding of unit concepts and respond to the set essay task.


KNOWLEDGE, CONTENT, CRITICAL ANALYSIS/DEBATE. • Demonstration of understanding of core unit concepts. • Appropriate application of core concepts to chosen essay

examples, argument and discussion (demonstrating critical analysis and evaluation).

• Demonstration of ability to link theoretical concepts to chosen real world experiences/situations presented

• Ability to construct a sound argument to support a position.


RESEARCH • The quality and effectiveness of research undertaken and

incorporated (scholarly, peer-reviewed materials). • Application of relevant theories and research to support key

points/argument. (Was the research used relevant to topic and concepts discussed?)

• Integration of research to support argument/discussion. (How well did the student use/integrate that research/theory into their essay?)


EXTENT, USE AND STYLE OF REFERENCING. • Effective and accurate use of referencing style (Harvard

Referencing Guide) in both in-text referencing and final reference list.

• Sufficient evidence of research. A minimum of 8 peer assessed academic sources required (note: this cannot include the unit’s Study Guide). Other web-based resources may be used IN ADDITION to (but not in place of) these 8 academic sources.


STRUCTURE, SPELLING, GRAMMAR, WORD COUNT. The overall quality of the essay (structure, adherence to word count, spelling and grammar) including evidence of careful editing and proofreading.


Sub total 100 Less any marks for late lodgement or other penalty. Standard deduction is 10% per day (or part thereof) overdue. Days late: _____ x 10% = ______


Final Total


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