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ASSESSMENT ITEM 2 Item 2: Short Essay

Due Date: Monday of Week 6, 5.30pm, AEST

Weighting: 30%

Length: 1500 words

Identify examples (three at most) of successful and/or unsuccessful communication exchanges/processes you have experienced in the workplace (or other situations if you have not worked in an organisation) and analyse these situations by applying elements of communication modelling to demonstrate and evaluate these communication attempts.

An example of an appropriate situation might be as simple as failing to communicate a change of procedures in a staff or team meeting. Some questions you might consider are:

• What message was sent?

• What message was received?

• What caused noise and interference?

• Were cultural issues in play?

• Was the message sent consistent with the leadership and management communication in the organisation?

• What other communication elements could have been in play?

• Why did the communication processes break down?

• And very importantly, what application of communication modelling did – or could – have made a difference?

An opportunity will be provided for you to brainstorm your scenario and ‘what happened’ with your peers in the Discussion Board. This discussion will be overseen by your tutor.

• You must name the organisation you are analysing in your essay. If you cannot name the organisation, you must contact your tutor to make alternate arrangements.

• You must use at least 8 different scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources in your short essay and include a reference list.

• You must use the Harvard Reference Guide, which can be found on the COM12 unit site.

• A reference list is required. In text references are counted as part of the essay word limit. The reference list is not counted as part of the word limit.

• Your essay should comply with academic essay conventions.

• We encourage you to use resources such as Smarthinking as you complete this task.

• You can use first person language to describe your experience in each situation, but use this sparingly. You will be marked down if you use it excessively throughout the essay.

• Include a word count at the end of your essay.


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