Business Summary Paper 5-7 Para

 Use the Internet to find a current news article that relates to transportation and the impact information system technology has had on the transportation component of the supply chain. Start by looking in sources that are dedicated to the transportation industry such as trade journals and industry specific news sources. You will submit a summary describing the content of the article, the specific contribution the article has in regards to the topic, and the potential impact the article’s content may have on the transportation industry in the future. 

 The essay should be 5-7 paragraphs in length, not including the title or reference pages, and include an introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence supported by 3-5 sentences that offer additional details, explanation, and examples. The essay should be free of errors in grammar, sentence structure, and other mechanics. Submit the assignment as a Word document with the file name LastName_FirstName_CurrentEvent. 

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Business Summary Paper 5-7 Para
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