California Dairy: Innovation through Collaboration.

California Dairy: Innovation through Collaboration.

This research sort to find out the problems affecting California dairy industry and it has offered solutions on some of them.

Welcome to California dairy industry analysis. The importance of California dairy farms and its cows cannot be undermined or given credit enough. Among peers in terms of job generation the dairy industry in California has thousands of jobs which run into hundreds. This is direct employment while the figure for those employed indirectly is even more astronomical.

The paper will focus on the problems that ail and hurt this robust industry. California dairy industry is such that if anything affects it, the result will be felt even in the other states that make up the structure of the USA. Cheese processed and milk produced in California goes towards satisfying the demands of most consumers in the country (Porter, 1998, 7-13).

Let me try and expound on the dairy industry in general. Dairy industry is made up of farmers, processors and consumers. Between this three, all must maintain the right element of collaboration for the success of the industry. Collaboration is important because all the three parties depend on the industry in one way or another. Apart from those three, the other silent beneficiary is the government, since jobs created assist the government to tackle the problem of unemployment (Ellerby, 2012, pg 5).

Narrowing down further, let me focus on the said farmers, this once keep and maintain the cows. For good milk production, there must be the presence of the right medicines, meaning that qualified animal doctors must be brought on board at times. It very necessary to have water and food for cows and the cows can feed on grass, almonds, corn, soy bean and so on. After all that feeding, the farmer gives water to his animals (Porter, 1998, 7-13). The process involved in processing and sale of final product is also very simple and straight forward.


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