Cardiorespiratory Training Article Review

· Read the peer-reviewed original research article (not a review article) which investigated the effects of a cardiorespiratory fitness training program (intervention) and utilized a cardiorespiratory fitness test as a dependent variable

·  Open link to access the article.

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Cardiorespiratory Training Article Review
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· Submit a written summary of the article and pdf of the article.

· The written summary should include….

· Description of the population being studied including

· Number of subjects

· Sex of the subjects

· Age of the subjects

· Initial cardiorespiratory fitness level and/or athletic status of the subjects

· Any other relevant details about the subjects

· Identify and briefly describe in your own words the cardiorespiratory fitness test which was utilized (do not copy and paste directly from the methods section)

· Describe the cardiorespiratory fitness program(s) used including

· Frequency of training

· Intensity of training

· Duration of training

· Mode of training

· Length of intervention

· Did the cardiorespiratory fitness implement progression and overload in an appropriate way? Explain why or why not.

· Describe the effects of the intervention in quantitative terms (do not say “the authors observed statistically significate increase in VO2 max” – indicate the magnitude of change)

· Reference in APA format

Due Friday February 7, 2020


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