Case Study/ Writing Assignment

  Chapters 11, 12, and13(Fried et al. textbook) 

Submit the case assignment as an Excel file or Word document. (Please show all work.)
In addition, submit a one-page writing/essay discussing the weekly reading assignment and how they relate to business uncertainties and the future.

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Case Study/ Writing Assignment
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Businesses can increase cash flow by stretching out payments to venders by an additional fifteen day. If this is so obvious, why is it that companies do not necessarily do this?
Is it better business practice to make all customers pay before receiving a product, as opposed to having receivables?
Complete a cash budget for The Stars basketball team based on the following information.

Projected Total Revenues:

Q1=$800, Q2=$900, Q3=$950, Q4=$1000,
1st quarter next yr. = $1000

Accounts Receivable (beginning) are equal to $450
50% of Revenues are cash sales
The rest of the revenues (50%) are collected in the following quarter
Beginning accounts payable are equal to $250
Purchases from vendors each quarter are 50% of next quarter sales
Payments to vendors are scheduled as: 70% in the quarter of the purchases from vendors and the balance of 30% in the following quarter.
Other expenses include:

Team and game expenses which are 30% of total revenues each quarter
Selling and promotional expenses which are 5% of total revenues each quarter
General and administrative expenses which are 7% of total revenues each quarter
Interest expense and taxes which are 6% of total revenues each quarter

The beginning cash balance is $120


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