Research project

your final research project (8-10 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font) you will strive for originality of ideas, analysis, close textual interpretation, and clarity of writing. Your final research project explores a topic on dynamics of government leadership through an acute exploration of problems in America and in reflecting on global paradigms or explores […]

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Stigmatization; Labeling of Male victims of Intimate Partner Violence

What kinds of things is your instructor looking for? (in general)A clear presentation of the problem, issue, or focusA clear, focused presentation of the topic’s background (theoretical, empirical, etc. as appropriate)A clear, well-reasoned, and convincing argument/justificationA solid grasp of course material (e.g. theory) and readingsUse of supporting information not under the umbrella of course materialsAn […]

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Tesla Case Study

Read the Tesla Case above. Analyze the case by answering the following questions:  1.   Is there an advantage to being a first mover?  What drawbacks are there to pursuing first-mover advantage?  Is Tesla pursuing a first-mover advantage with their product launches? 2.  Which product, or products, should Tesla focus on? What justifies your recommendation? 3.  Is […]

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