Changes Of The Intelligence Community Since 9/11

Please answer the following research question:

Discuss the changes of the Intelligence Community since 9.11.  What role do Fusion Centers play?  Is there redundancy within the IC which can be mitigated?

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Changes Of The Intelligence Community Since 9/11
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Also please consult Chicago Style for the correct format for your citation.    

· Paper should use Word, 12 pt. New Times Roman or Arial fonts. 

· No picture or graphs should be used.

· Paper should be 4 pages or close to 4 to 6 pages, double spaced.

· Please include a Bibliography or References page to correspond with either the Author-Date style or the Bibliography-notes style.

· Rigorous outside materials should be used to develop your paper.

· The accuracy or your citations is gradable, as is grammar and clarity of writing.

· All formal rules of writing apply. This includes limiting direct quotes to making up no more than 10-15% of your text.


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