Citi Training

How to complete the CITI training. 

Go to click on Register under Create an account on the right-hand side of the screen.
Type Keiser University in the rectangle box under Select Your Organization Affiliation
Click on Continue to Step 2
Type your Personal Information.
Click on Continue to Step 3.
Create your username and password. Continue on to select English as your language.
Select “Students of Business Research” from the drop down menu for Role in Research.
Do not select any of the optional items.
You must get a score of 80 percent or better for each of the Modules with a quiz.
Copy and paste the Module information to a Word document so that you look up and confirm answers as you complete the Module quiz.
After you have successfully completed all of the Modules, download a copy of your Completion Certificate that shows the final score for each separate module to submit as an attachment for the Week 1 assignment.

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Citi Training
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