Code of Pastoral or Professional Ethics

 ***My major is Christian Ministry****
Each student must compose a code of pastoral or professional ethics. This is a statement of the principles that you will adhere to in your behavior and the conduct of your personal life and ministry as a Christian leader. The code should be written out in full in a series of paragraphs, each paragraph addressing one aspect of the leader’s ethics (bullet points and terse statement should be avoided). The code can be as long as you like but must cover the following topics:

Integrity in personal relationships (including your own marriage).
Finances, both personal and for the organization you lead (church or ministry).
Counseling (including confidentiality).
Contact with persons of the opposite gender and children.
Marriage: the principles or conditions under which you will or will not marry a couple.
Confidentiality regarding confessions of sins and/or crimes to you.
Treatment of volunteers and board members (in word and deed).

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Code of Pastoral or Professional Ethics
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At least three (3) sources on ethics, pastoral ethics, or professional ethics must be used in this assignment. Each source must be properly cited in Turabian style (students whose major is other than Christian Ministry may choose to write in the style required by their major). A bibliography must be provided.


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