• Review the elements of the Coherence Framework in Chapter 5 of the Fullan and Quinn text. Reflect on how the identified elements support whole system change.
  • Review the example of Cochrane Collegiate Academy from Chapter 4 of the Fullan and Quinn text and consider how they successfully implemented the elements of the Coherence Framework to turn their underperforming school around.
  • Review Fullan’s article “Leadership from the Middle,” reflecting on the organization’s ability to implement change at the local and state level.

By Day 7 of Week 7

Part 4: Coherence

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses each element of the four components from Fullan’s Coherence Framework, including the following:

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  • 1. Provide an explanation of a clear and shared focus of direction for the identified program.
  • 2. Describe how you cultivate collaborative cultures that set the pathway to change.
  • 3. Explain how this process will deepen the learning of the staff, as well as positively impact student learning.
  • 4. Describe how ongoing data will be collected and analyzed to further secure accountability,
  • your final 2 paragraphs, summarize your thought regarding the process of this Project: collecting data, researching evaluation models, collaborating with others to analyze data, creating an action plan based on program needs, and planning for staff buy-in to the program changes.
  • Step Explanation and headlines for APA
  • FOLLOW my project about a transition Program CIRCLES for the student with disabilities post-secondary transition

Please follow the files I downloaded


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