Community-based nursing has various roles, responsibilities, and specialties

Community-based nursing has various roles, responsibilities, and specialties. The most prominent ones are public health nursing and home health/hospice nursing. This posting assignment will help you see the similarities and differences of these nursing roles in community settings.Now, go to Group Discussion Board-Each member, excluding the SGL, completes the table below (including the differences between the settings and overlapping roles) to compare and contrast public health nursing with home health/hospice nursing. Do not need to lay out details. Include at least 2 correctly cited references in your post.The SGL leads the members to discuss any similarities and discrepancies among the member posts.The SGL summarizes the discussion in the table format. After the members have reviewed/approved the finalized table (2 pages with 400-500 words in total), names the final product as “Finalized Comparison Table” and posts it on the MDB. Use bullet points as appropriate.The SGL replies to the instructor’s question(s)/comment within one week.Comparison Public Health Nurse Home Health/Hospice NurseIts birth (how this specialty is born) Training (how to become a PHN or HHN) Client (whom the nurse cares for) Goals of nursing care (priorities, focus of each specialty) Nursing roles (give examples of nursing actions/roles so that the goals can be met) Funding ( the sources of funding to employ these nurses) List at least 3 differences of nursing roles in community-based setting vs in acute-care setting:List at least two overlapping roles between the two nursing specialties (PHN and HHH): The top section you are comparison , Public health nursing and home health nursing. with this questions. If you have any questions let me know. Please make it into a table

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Community-based nursing has various roles, responsibilities, and specialties
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