Complete the following seven questions in a minimum of 300 words

See assignment instructions and choose two schools of your choice.Complete the following seven questions in a minimum of 300 words total (all questions combined)Navigate to, choose two (2) institutions you want to investigate, and answer the following questions regarding each institution.   1) What are the names of the institutions you chose?  2) List the revenues and expenses of each institution (on the website: where the money goes; where the money comes from) 3) On each of the pie charts from the where the money goes and where the money comes from tabs, which of the amounts surprises you most about each institution and why?  4) Scroll down to the Explore option, click on the Athletics Debt tab and see the table titled: Total Athletics Related Debt. In how much debt are both of your chosen institutions? 5) What do you think about the current state of intercollegiate athletic spending based on the information above? Is sport spending justified? Why or why not? What are the benefits of having a sport program to a university as a whole, students, faculty, the community, and athletes? What are the detriments of having an in-debt athletic department? How do you feel about students funding sport programs via student fees?6) Are coaching salaries in intercollegiate sport justified? Why or why not?There are no salary caps for intercollegiate coaches–what does the future of intercollegiate sport look like without caps? 7) Is the current financial state of intercollegiate athletics sustainable? Why or why not?

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Complete the following seven questions in a minimum of 300 words
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