computer case study analyze

the case study will be on this

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computer case study analyze
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To better understand what happened at the end of the 2018 – 2019 season,
you have been hire by the San Antonio Spurs to analyze a specific 2018 –
2019 game.
Your data set is the “Box Score” for game number:
For your game, you will need to analyze the following six variables for EACH team:
ratio data
FG% – Field Goal Percentage
3P% – Three Point Percentage
FT% – Free Throw Percentage
DRB – Number of Defensive Rebounds
SLT – Number of Steals
BLK – Blocked Shots
interval, Descret
Your analysis will have “4 Parts”:
Part 1 – Using an Excel spreadsheet, determine the “Descriptive Statistics” for
each variable. Use the Data Analysis Tools,
Part 2 – Then you will need to determine the “Coefficient of Variation” for each
Variable. Use “=” cell notation.
Part 3 – Then you will use the Pearson function in Excel to determine the
“Pearson’s Correlation” between FG% (dependent variable) and the
other 5 independent variables (3P% FT%, DRB, SLT, and BLK). Use
the statistical tool called “Pearson”
Part 4 – Then you will need to write a two page “Letter to Coach POP”
explaining the final score and ultimate outcome (win or lose) of the game.
ROLEPLAY and sign your letter.
The information to be turned in is as follows:
1) Cover Page
2) Managerial Report
3) Printed “Box Score”
4) Printouts of all work done in Excel


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