Computer Science

You are assigned a project to design the computer network for a new dental office in your neighborhood. The office will host the following equipment:

Five dental examination room each with a computer to access patient information
Two offices for the two dentists who own the facility, each office with a laptop station
One reception area with a computer desk and printer
One shared printer for the dentist and office staff in a shared location
One server computer to host the web software application to manage patient appointments, treatment history and to process payments
NOTE: Assume a $300.00 cost per cable drop and a $5000.00 cost for a server
Required items are below:

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Computer Science
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Project overview
Computers hardware overview
Printer Overview
Network design
IP address details
Pricing information
Labor charges

As the Network Designer, you are required to design the computer network for the dental office. You have to take into consideration that the printers and the six computers in the examination rooms and reception area may not be Wi-Fi enabled.
Use Packet Tracer to create a diagrammatic representation of the network design, network devices used, and the reasons behind selecting that network. Select specific market branded devices and provide a pricing sheet for the network devices. Submit your diagram here.


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